Monday, October 15, 2007


Surfing through net gives lot of ideas!Can meet new friends sharings site and sometimes sharing ideas that can help our daily lives.It is also other way to communicate family like me that married with a foreigner and now i am so much far to my family and the fastest way to communicate to them is thourgh net.Sharing emails sometimes chat.Through internet i can easily download my photos and send it to them which more fastest way and save money.I can also read the latest news through around the world.And the most above all!Shopping!!yup more easier for me to shop online since i spent more time surfing than to go out and do shopping to the shops.I prefer to do it online which of course i shop only to the site that i've known and i know that it is safe.


I miss my family in philippines today so i bought a phone card though net.Almost whole afternoon we had talked(my mama)we shared the memories that we had during my last vacation last feb.2007.And i hope that i can visit them again next year.As we had agreed me and dom that perhaps we will visit them again and spend more time with my family and i prefer to take my vacation around in the month of fev or beginning of march so that every body are stayed in home.No work for my sister and my brother and no class for my youngest bro of course my parents can cancel thier appointments.I realy miss them.It is very strange though i already live here in france still there is something missing.Perhaps not like in philippines that our family will always be there to help us.We share laughter,tears,and problems.

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