Sunday, October 28, 2007


What a lovely day!Here in France they change the hour.Now where -1 hr than before.This morning i woke up early since it is my roller day.And my inlaws are here.They woke up earlier than me.I ate breakfast with my son.Then i take shower.At 10.30 i quit the house.Ann was a little bit late but it is OK since our roller lesson still not started.We really enjoyed practicing because they mixed the level 1 and 2 so mean Ann and me are in the same lesson.We did so many technique yet still i realy need more practice.After our lesson we ate our lunch then we did roller with our own.We had saw an area that we thought it is nice yet it is very dangerous to do roller so we had decide to go back to the place where we had practiced earlier.But we notice that there is one road that was closed and it is exclusive for those who do roller,bicycle,jogging,etc.We decided to practiced there and we are very happy that we didn't noticed that we already arrived in hotel DE ville.From Bastille we did roller up to hotel DE ville.
So now we are hoping to do it with our self then enjoy the sightseeing in Paris itself.We always feel that Paris is the most beautiful place in the world.

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