Saturday, November 3, 2007


Now I'm in the house of my in laws i will stay here up to Wednesday .I have my rendezvous to the driving school on monday to know if they think i can now take an exam for driving license love driving in fact i am the one who drove up their house.I took a package called conduite accompagner and i had started last year.Since i pass my code for only first exam,now i need to drive for a year let say 3000 km before they let me take an exam.And i think i already drove more than 3000km.That is why i really like now to pass my exam since i can't wait to drive alone much more during school days of my son.More easier and less fatigue.I thought that i perhaps i forgot to drive but when Dom let me drive i felt alive lol.I am really happy i will attache photos when i will be back home.Then when we arrived in the house of my inlaws.Dom went to his haircut appointment,me i drive again but this time with my father in law he taught me how to park.I already knew but better to make sure to practice and to be more alese(french word).My father in law told me that everything was perfect if i continue to drive the same way he is sure that i can pass my exam.But the problem is?If i will not be stress much more there are 2 strangers with me.The monitor and the professor.Huu scary isn't it?I really pray to pass but as of now i still don't have schedule yet.I will check with the owner which is only a family friend of my husband's side.I hope that it would be thesame in Philippines that if they know somebody it is easier to pass but not in France.

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