Tuesday, November 13, 2007

genius Son

We had a little fun with my son while waiting for his father.We played in his private game place in our house.And then i saw my reading glasses and he was very curious about it so he grab it to me and then he ran around the house while wearing my glasses funny isn't he?hmm what could i say?Future harry potter ;-).He was realy happy though i am sure he was wondering for his vision.But i didn't let him wear long otherwise it will affect on his eyes.I just have time to took some photos of our foolish games.

This are all his toys books etc.It can't fit to my camera.They are still behind me so after his siesta it is here we spent most of our time.These are gifts from his godmother,grandparents and of course to us. But most are from his godmother.


Yesterday i thought i lost internet connection i checked everything.I was realy sad for me 1 day without internet is like horrible.I phoned dom so many times to tell him we don't have internet connection he told me to me patient until night so that he can check.And at night he told me he will phone early morning.But in fact i didn't noticed that i touched one of the wires and it was not well connected which is one of the reason we can't connect.My husband laughed about it well how could i know for all the mess and wires that he had in his small room i can't realy see if it is all connected or what.lol.But now of course i am happy as like child .Well yesterday i picked up virgile and he was realy happy for his school he even waved his hands to his teacher to say bye bye.His teacher realy like it when he say bye bye.We are happy that now he is not so much shy with other child and it is realy good idea to let him go to school just at morning to adopt a little bit with other children since he stayed at home with me for 2 years.We hope to let him go to school whole day next year.It could be nice for him to enjoyed meal with other children.

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