Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Growing up

My son is realy growing up now i am watching his photos since he was very young and i compare his photos now he is realy changing as you can see in this photo it is taken during his baptised here in france.We celebrated in his grandparents house and my guests are Leblanc family,Ghafoor family,Vittet Family,Harmel family.I realy like to invite more but i am ashamed to my in laws for it.As you can see it is realy filipino outfit.He had this barong from his lolo and lola in philippines as they said since they are not present during his baptise the barong is all they can give for a reason that while virgile wear the barong it is like that they are hugging virgile so much...I know it is sad that my family are not present during this event but the good thing is my in laws and my husband are both like the barong and they said it realy cute for virgile.I also bought a white jacket to protect virgile for cold of course.

Feel free

A friend of mine send me this site and i realy like it and feel free to watch.It is a movie i just finished watching it is realy nice.And i want you all to share and hope it is not illegal.If somebody knows that it is illegal please send me an comments and i will automatically deleted it.Thanks

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