Monday, December 10, 2007


It is a busy day my phoned never stopped ringing.I received so many phone calls from some of my friends and at night can't stop chatting to my friend who live in le havre.She just arrive a year ago so she told me that she is excited for her first Christmas ever in France.She said hope it would be the same as Philippines.So i told her it depends of the family i mean her husband's side on how they celebrated Christmas.Us it is only simple but i prefer most is in the next morning is opening our gifts.Speaking of gifts i received my Christmas gift today but still it is not time to open.I am already excited.

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See na genius man kalit ang result hahahah so karun imo napod lucille.

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Having fun last saturday night me and my friend ann that we enjoy taking pictures around paris at night.With the beautiful christmas lights all around it makes us feel christmas is near.We took pictures of the very well known Eiffel Tower while the lights are sparkling all around.This photo taken in L’avenue des Champs-Élysées.So many tourist even the weather is horrible,raining and windy of course where one those people.But we realy enjoy.It is taken around 1 am after we finish our drink in one of the nearest bar.Then we went not so close to Eiffel Tower just to take photo.Look the second photo nice isn't it?We do love watching eiffel tower.
We are still quite far but we see the lights on it.So i enjoy taking pictures while ann busy phoning her babe.:-).

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