Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Play together

Tonight we enjoyed playing ball with our son.We played just after we ate our dinner even though i am not feeling well still i played with my husband and our son together we saw how happy our little boy throwing his ball and if we can't catch it he said oh la la then laughed so much fun the we hadn't notice that we left glass on our table and the ball hit one of the glass and it fell down of course broken.Virgile run and he thought that it is his fault but we told him it is an accident then he gives us hugs.Now we really know that he start to understand everything on when he thought that he do bad things but most of the time we didn't shout to him we tried to explain in a very low voice.


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Not ok

I got sick since yesterday and today is worst i don't have any voice at all my son laughed when he hear that i tried to talk to him but no voice are out.He thought that i play with him.I think i catch cold last time when i went out or perhaps dom give me is microbes lol.He was sick first before me and as what we said the last one who will be sick is the worst one.Hope it will be ok soon since i hate to get sick i can't do anything.

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