Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Merci Amy for this beautiful blog.I am really appreciate to received my first passing award ever.Hope more awards soon.Now i can say to myself that at least someone appreciate my blog.I am still very grateful.Thank you to all who spent time to visit my blog.Now i pass this award my friend ANN From PARIS.Grab it baby!!!!:-)


I am thinking what would be the best gift for my son.He already had a lots of toys.Books is worst so many that i don't even know where to put them.My husband already knew what he will give to his son but me i really don't have no idea.I know it is strange but i told my husband now i am thinking to give him something that can help our son in the future and he agree on it.So i hope it is ok to give this kind of gift for him.I will not mention it here since it is still not Christmas yet.For my husband i already bought some and i hope he will be happy to received it since one of my gifts that i ordered he already open and used it grrr.He didn't wait until Christmas.Anyhow hope that this coming Christmas it will be joyful.

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