Merry christmas to all

Here is what i want

Rue du val d'orsay

Want to have a unique highly end product

feeling teen

Not so active this past few days


Self Disicpline


Christmas season

shoe lovers

For my mother in law

children behavior tips

Friendship tag

Search for new web hosting

Loving this song

the children

The guest

Crazy and busy day

Want to help to others

Celebrating Hallowen party with friends

Best rooflights


Pink sisterhood

Sorry to all

Save money now

quite busy

Mess after dinner

Spending night with my friend

slept whole afternoon

Now he is sick

Too tired today

My son catch cold

Don't listen

new toy and learnin card

Crazy weather

unlucky one

busy ironing

Lunch with my friend Ann


Change template

tag from beautiful ria!!

I feel okey tag from Ria

wordless wednesday

My inlaws are here

Both sick

diet tips

wordless wednesay

fan of E!entertainment

I am a salty girl


Welcome Pope Benoit XVI

wordless wednesday **Local fishermen**

Oceânico Group

Watching Galactica

Simple celebration

Still care

Wordless Wednesday

First day of School


Happy birthday Bro

wordless Wednesday**somewhere in la defense**

Am i too good?or too bad?

Seafood recipe

My future artist

That's my Flirty look and smile

Piñata History

Want to help

Doing Penyata

Try to flirt someone?

Only 69% real