Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am a little bit tired today because my son is sick and i am the who take care of him most of the night since he need more caresse means hugs and confort to let him feel that i am always there for him.Need to sleep early.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sesame street collection

Even we still not have our son.My husband already start collecting dvd's and cd of sesame street.Today is worst because he bought vtech cassette of sesame street and a lot more.For dvd's and cd's my son already had nearly 100 of them.Check the photos of some sesame street collection just for our son.

Virgile love's his cookie monster stuff toy.Yup his school backpack also cookie monster.We bought this in Cebu.

His back pack and stuff toys and also his bed sheet

His books,vtech cassettes and musical cd actually there is still a lot more but i didn't put because it will not be fit to my digital

Alphabet chart from sesame street.

Sesame Chart number.I bought this in cebu at national bookstore just last march 2007

Cave man is fun!

Would you like to win big prizes?Luckily for those who are US residence,18 years or older you come and join this fun games which you can join and allow you to win $1,500 and a portable Webber Grill, and $100 gift card from El Pollo Loco.Want to know how to join?Simple you just need to submit your video which shown on how you reenact to be an caveman do his grilling chicken and discover the beats of the delicious taste of citrus-marinated flame-grilled chicken like El Pollo Loco.It is just bad that i live in Europe probably i will join the contest.Anyhow for US residence it is your chance to win!

small business loan

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First use

Almost a year that i received my valentines gift from my husband.It was a new cellphone with accesoires and the speaker but i don't have time to use the speaker until today i even almost forgot this gift.When i clean our cheminee it was behind of those small boxes and i was surprise when i saw it.Now come listen with me!

Humba for you!!

Humba every one!:-) i cook my very own humba.wanna have some?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's sway

Hey friends let's say together!Enjoy watching

Favorite flowers

Besides red roses this is one of my favorite flowers first the fragrance of this kind of flower i forgot the name but i am in love with this one.Actually i received this kind of flower for the first time from my husband and it was almost the same sizes as mine and mixed with orchids.He surprised me during my birthday of course my heart jump because of happiness.And even now he offers me flowers with red roses and mixed with this one.Hoping to receive again this valentine.:-)

Debt Consolidation

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Very affordable complete Prescription Glasses

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Sunday, January 27, 2008


When i was teenager i always dreamed my princecharming and i told me self this would be my song to my dreamguy.I am wishing to receive flowers from a guy who will love me as what i am.That's it my first flower that i receive is from my husband.And it is like magic.

me and my sister

ME and my sister are used to sing this song during highschool days.My sister love this one since i hear it i've kind a love it too.

Eldest brother

This one is my eldest brother's favorite song.He cried when he was heartbroken.I know some love song of my family.For my mother i can't remember the title but i know the song.We shared sometimes about feelings.:-)

Miss my sister

Hearing this song i remember my sister.She love so much this song.It is her favorite song.

Happy together

It's quite a long time that i've search this song after watching the movie so happy together..Old song but a very nice one!!What can i say???Just watch please

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy birthday papa

***This photo took last march 2007***c u this march Grandpa:-)

It's my father's birthday.I am happy though i don't have any gift to him he just told me when i phoned to greet him that being happy and be kind to my husband is all he need.I am so much proud to my family that they never change they still the same parents that i've known since i had remembered.My father is so happy on the phone he laughed make jokes of me and he said he still young and cute!;-) i love my family so much...

Shopping scuba stuffs

Today we do shopping for my husband's scuba materials etc.We went to a boutique which is specialized for scuba materials it includes clothing etc.My husband enjoyed his wonderful day of shopping.I am happy because it is me who choose his scuba suit and it is perfect to him and it is very funny because while my Dom fit the suit my son always say Pepe:-( fortunately the salesman told me that i can bring my son to their private restroom but anyhow everything is perfect!!

Credit card

Most every person now use credit cards. Do you know at are specializes on informing consumers about credit card offers and they will guide you on how to use your credit card wisely much more if it is your first time to have this card.I know that it is very tempting at the moment when you hold your credit card most when you were surrounded with boutiques.I just remembered for the very first time i received my credit card it is very hot in my hand and i already thinking about shopping and that's it; at the same day i spend a lot of money which i never thought that i spent that too much.It is very different now i think twice or more before i buy an article or i will ask myself if it is necessary to buy this thing or not?So to those who just got their credit card at the very first time you must have a little planning.The best thing is apply to which is created to meet a growing demand for information about credit cards,credit card offers and best is general information about financial planning.They made a great efforts to expand the scope of its service to include both valuable information and the scoop on the latest and greatest credit card offers available.


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Week end greetings

Glitter Graphics

enjoy your wonderful week end everyone!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008


My friend love to play billiard he told me that it is his dream since when he was a kid.He want to join billiard tournaments and be the best.And he also playing online pool which he enjoyed playing it as it is like he play on real.Now i am excited to tell him that he can play to it is a software that allows everyone from everywhere to enjoy a broad range of billiard games including eight ball,nine ball and snooker while meeting new people worldwide which is very perfect to his skills and be the best winner for the online tournaments and i am sure he will be grateful to me.Amazing right?Now you can play almost any kind of game with the of our modern technology.

Gifts for our son

My husband do online shopping also and this time he bought a lot of toys and gadgets for our son.And at the moment when our little saw the box he laughed and shout because of happiness that almost 1 box of gifts only for him.Mama is a little bit jealous lol!

Prescription Eyeglasses+ Case

Planning to buy a new eyeglasses for an affordable price.Check Great Discovry: $ 8 Prescription Glasses From Zenni Optical very affordable and which i am sure you will gonna love it since they sell some of the most stylish prescription sunglasses online and check this out!they have a huge selection of frames and it is all in high quality stylish frame.Not only that you will pay only $4,95 for shipping and handling no matter how many glasses in the order.It is very good timing for me because i need a pair of eyeglasses now for me and the price is very much perfect to my budget.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shopping winter coats from cacharel

I am happy today because i just receive my 2 winter coat.One is duffle coat and one is a simple coat that i had ordered through online.

This one is very nice too.Actually i already saw the same model during our lakatswa time with my friend ann and in fact ann already love this one.Me too but at the boutique it is too much for me.So now i bought it online i pay 80% off from it's original price a very cheap price from cacharel. beautiful isn't it?

This my second winter coat that i ordered also from cacharel.Very pretty on me.If you like send me a message i could give you the site.

Problem having hair loss

At the moment when i arrived here in France and i had problem about my hair.I tried any shampoo that i thought i could stop loosing my hair.I went to any salon and ask their advice that if they could recommend me some special shampoo but they told me better to ask a doctor so i went to my friend who had married a doctor and then he told me that the European shampoo is too strong for me or perhaps i put too much shampoo and i didn't wash it well.And you know what?it is not only me because i just talked to my friend that she had the same problem as mine so now we are both worries on how to prevent of loosing hair everyday.Even my husband notice that my hair is very different compare the day he meet me.I told him that tried any hair loss products still not working.Until i just found out about the provillus product from and it is perfect for me.Do you have similar problem as mine?Well don't wait long and try the provillus and if you want more information about this products feel free to read their provillus review there it is written on how customers satisfied and share their opinions about how helpful this products.

Happy to found

I was just surfing and i am happy to found our favorite song and i played it so many times. Now i would like to share it to all.Enjoy watching and be inlove!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Horrible day

Good Night Comments
I am so much tired ironing our clothes and checking which clothes that i need to give to my family and ready making a list at the same time preparing our travelling bag for next month.Yes we will have a 1 month vacation in philippines and i am already excited to see my family and to tell them all my life in france for the last time of our vacation there.Sorry for not writting long since i am very tired tonight i need to sleep now have a nice dream to all

Van insurance

Planning to buy a van and still searching an honest van insurance company.Well now i am happy to say at is a division of A-Plan Holdings, one of the UK's largest independent insurance consultants which you can have your Uk van insurance and help you to provide cheap van insurance they understand that for selecting a right vehicle insurances in not easy.At is considering our individual circumstances before they recommending a policy.They understand that selecting the right motor vehicle insurance is about more than finding the cheapest premium.They consider your individual circumstances before recommending a policy. You will appreciate the care they take when selecting your insurer if you ever need to make a claim.Could you even think more?D you know that their prime objective is to exceed client requirements by providing a consistent, competitive and efficient level of service. If there are occasions when they do not meet your standards then you can contact their centre manager right away.So no more worries because now we know that they have give a very good services since they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.You have now a very good idea on where you can give your full trust about insurance .Feel free to visit their site for more information that you still want to know.

Happy or sad tag from amy

Thank you amy dear for this tag..I couldn't say for myself if i am happy person :-) so i check and hmm very interesting.I could define happeniess is to be with my husband and my son.Every precious moments we treasure and share it to our only son.

You Are 100% Happy

It's unlikely that you know anyone happier than you.

You know how to be happy, no matter what life throws at you.

Thank you again amy
Now, i love to pass it to those lovely ladies:Sweet lullaby, ann à paris. Jackie..


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Hello operator

My son receive a phone call from his grandparents from his father side.Look how serious he is talking and holding our phone at the moments he hold the phone you cannot touch it until he thinks he is done.Hmm his growing now.He knows what he likes and to do.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Webhosting choice

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hosted callcenter

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Medical health insurance

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I went to supermarket near our house and i found this sayote and i am thinking if i could cook the same chopseuy as my mother did when i was in cebu last year.So i bought 2 pcs then i tried to cook and mixed with shrimp.I cook it very simple but i am happy to taste my chopseuy because it is very yummy and i ate all this lunch.I ate just the vegetable without rice.Check i took photo

Monday, January 21, 2008


Last week i went for an exhibit where i can see so many company that sale their products for company price.My friend have their own business and i asked her that what is the best important plan for this exhibit.She told me first is the exhibit place then the trade show booths where they can put and display their products and also not to forgot the banner stands it is to attract for clients to come and buy on their products.And she said that the most important is to have an idea on where you can buy all this products display tools.For next exhibit i will tell her that i had found where they propose all this exhibit and trade shows products.At camelbackdisplays they have this pipe and drape system that no tools requires for assembly.Amazing right?Well you just need to do is to upright section slip-fit or screw into bases drapery supports attach to uprights with a simple hook/slot system.And i am sure she will be happy to hear if i told her about camelbackdisplays because i had notice that most exhibit they always have this huge tools and equipments to assemble their exhibits materials and at the last day they were very tired.Now i am sure they will be interested to know camelbackdisplays because they will l be less fatigue and less stress.

cheaper than hotels

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Father and daughter

This my father and my sister.My father is always like that he didn't talk so much but we do know that he loves and cares us.Now since i am married he give more attention to my sister.

Now i am missing my family in php.When i saw this picture during their new year celebration i can't help thinking the laughter and shouting,singing everywhere in our home.I miss my parents caress.Even we are old my parents still show there love to us.We love and respect them so much.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Father and son

Busy day for for us.We helped each other to clean our garden since we still need to clean and throw the leaves and branches of the crying tree that we just cut .My son also help us to clean after he played his bicycle he decided to help us clean the garden.My photos are not so clear sorry but only i can see that now i know my son will ready to help if i need him :-)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Best furnitures

All of us want to have a best quality furniture that can give us more comfortable and above all is that each time when we enter to our house we could say that it is really nice to be at home.Sitting on soft sofa while reading or watching tv.Especially at the bed room it is very important for us since this is the only place that you can lay down and forgot everything while your in your comfortable bed.Not only for us but also to our kids.They also need the best comfort the same that we have.For me i can't sleep if i feel that my son is not in good comfort.I want that everything are arrange and i am planning to buy him some kid bedroom furniture so that he will have enough place to play and read his books.Hope you have the same thoughts as mine in terms of comfort to our child.


Life is beautiful much more you have lots of love.I remember the first time when me and my husband meet.I can't help remembering those days that everyday he sent me loving letters and it makes me so much happy.No matter how far we are but still we feel that were so near to each other.Remembering our romantic precious moments makes me feel always excited much more the very first time he sent me flowers i feel like heaven.My husband have so many romantic ideas as like as during valentine last year.He cooked special food and we drink champagne and just after our dinner he played the music Something stupid and he ask me to dance with him.Oh dear!We are so much happy that we exchange the words iloveyou.I am happy because even now were married he is more romantic than before.

Hotel reservations

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lcd tv mount

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Walking around paris

We went to paris to my bank then we walked around and we saw this guy pass infront of us with his i don't know if it is a bike or a motorcyle.Everyone looking at him and thinking if it is bicycle or a motor.I was just too late when i took this photo because the guy already park and left this bicycle.But is really intereting because i never see this kind of thing mostly in paris i saw expensive cars but not this one.

Grilling Skillz

Do you have so many friends that love having barbecue?Well guys check this out you can have your group of friends to make your own video while your preparing you fresh marinated citrus chicken for grill because now if your a US resident and at least 18 years of age you now can join this amazing contest of EL POLLO LOCO.Show us now on how you preparing you and your friends the grilling chicken.You all have your grill chicken,you also have a chance to win the contest at Call your friends now start making your grill yummy barbecue chicken.

The crazy girls

This video taken during the party.Look how happy and crazy we are and check my crazy friends enjoy dancing we all forgot that we are

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tagging time

This tag comes from friend Chez Francine . So now i would love to share this to all.

How long have you been blogging?- I started blogging just last November 2006
What inspired you to write a blog, and who are your mentors?My friend inspired me to do blog when she said that it is nice to write your daily post and it is like your diary.At first i already knew but i am not so much serious about it.
What are the 3 things that you love about being online?Information,Chatting,and shopping.
What are the three things that you struggle with in the online-world?Not so much struggle because i had limit to surf or else it is catasthropique for me.Now i can manage my time on when that i can be online.Like when my son go to school.If he is sleeping.and at night.If my husband is here i just stay few minutes to my computer since for us it is family hour.Watching DVD together.We profit the time while our son is sleeping.In that way we still have our husband and wife relationship not just father and mother rule.

So now, I’m sending this tag to the following dear beloved friends (new and old friends) I have like Lucille , Gypsy, amy

Another tag from my friend hailey

I am thankful to my new friend hailey that she always giving me tags.

Friends in the blogosphere are truly amazing source of inspiration.

A million of thanks for you haily and i heartedly pass this tag to Now i am passing this to Agaz,darlene,lucille


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Yes we are all excited on this coming valentines day.Hmm what would be the best gift we should to our loveones.Me i feel like heaven each time i recieve flowers with or without any special occasion.My husband give flowers most of the time.I just remember my first flower gift from him it is all orchids it is very beautiful.Now it is near valentine make sure that you will check your flowers at the very valentine day delivery .At they have so a very nice flowers and chocolates that we are sure that at the moment your loveone recieve or the moment you will give it to her.She couldn't help herself with saying how happy she is.Really romantic right?

play backgammon

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My first link loving tag from hailey

First Link Loving in 2008
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cover my travels

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Backpacks – For Hiking and Everyday Use

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Funky Chicken Dance and Mexican

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My first orchid flower 2008

Actually i bought this orchid flower during new year's party but i only have time to update everything that was save on my photo album.Anyhow this is my first orchids flower for this year 2008.I love flowers.During any special occasion i am glad to have flowers rather than any stuffs.I love any plants and flowers so much bad that here in france i need to change all the time my plant in our gardent since the weather is always changing.

Pinay friends

This are my friends from evreux,mantes la jolie,rouen,and paris.We decided to meet during this sinulog festival to have fun and also to get together.We love this day and as you can see we all happy on this photo we forgot that we are married,we feel like were singles :-)

Short sinulog video

This is the short sinulog video that i took during sinulog celebration with all pinay couples and friends paris.Enjoy watching.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tempura and i don't know

Yesterday i am in good mood of cooking tempura i don't know why.So i check our cook book and as usual i didn't follow my recipe i did it with my own even though it is my first time cook this kind menu and i am happy to say that my husband love it.He said that i am a good cooker.He said even i cook only during blue moon lol but the dish mostly i cook is very Delicious.And he know that i will never cook that dish again.Funny i am really like that after making new recipe with my own i can easily forgot.

In this second photo i cooked also that i don't looking any just see our refrigarator that we still have cote de veau then i chopped it small then i add spaghetti boulognaise sauce then some carrots and potatoes and i put salt and peper and i add laurier.(panakot).It is very good i just invinted again sorry.I remember that one time i cook chicken something and i add some seasoning and my husband ate 2 pcs of chicken he told me that it's taste like indian chicken flavor so much good.I also invinted that menu and now i can't even remember how did i cooked

Parc d'expo

Today we went to le bourget to visit an exposition with all company and i almost got crazy for the prices that it was very cheap here are some that i bought the green vase i bought it 5euros the pink small flat is 2,50 euros,the small candle glass is 3 euros i about a big pink vase price of 10 euros.So much bad that i didn't buy so much since my friend brought his son and the child start crying grrr.I found so many items that i know i can sell it with big amount but so much bad.If i just have my license i will probably go alone with my own car so that i can profit with myself.Well it is not so bad though because i bought some nice stuff and perhaps by september we will go back and hope at this time i can go alone.:-)


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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Monday, January 14, 2008


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