Last week i went for an exhibit where i can see so many company that sale their products for company price.My friend have their own business and i asked her that what is the best important plan for this exhibit.She told me first is the exhibit place then the trade show booths where they can put and display their products and also not to forgot the banner stands it is to attract for clients to come and buy on their products.And she said that the most important is to have an idea on where you can buy all this products display tools.For next exhibit i will tell her that i had found where they propose all this exhibit and trade shows products.At camelbackdisplays they have this pipe and drape system that no tools requires for assembly.Amazing right?Well you just need to do is to upright section slip-fit or screw into bases drapery supports attach to uprights with a simple hook/slot system.And i am sure she will be happy to hear if i told her about camelbackdisplays because i had notice that most exhibit they always have this huge tools and equipments to assemble their exhibits materials and at the last day they were very tired.Now i am sure they will be interested to know camelbackdisplays because they will l be less fatigue and less stress.