Grilling Skillz

Do you have so many friends that love having barbecue?Well guys check this out you can have your group of friends to make your own video while your preparing you fresh marinated citrus chicken for grill because now if your a US resident and at least 18 years of age you now can join this amazing contest of EL POLLO LOCO.Show us now on how you preparing you and your friends the grilling chicken.You all have your grill chicken,you also have a chance to win the contest at Call your friends now start making your grill yummy barbecue chicken.


CLC Fashion said…
jan, daghan man diay kog tags diri waiting. salamat janese. ok ra ba dili nako mabuhat dayon??

btw, could u tell me if this grilling skillz the way you review got approved? got the same opps sa ppp, kaya lang akong pagsabot ani kay you'll make your own video to post together with the video they provided. Wala man koy own video uy, aside that dili ting bbq karon haha maong wala na lang nako gigrab ni sayang $$$ baya pod pero sayang pod ang review kon ma reject ra.
Bitaw bonne chance ani!