Monday, January 7, 2008


This past few days i've been busy on my driving lesson.Could you imagine that i drive almost 3 heures today practicing on how to park the car as my father in law told me that i am very good on his car but each time i drive the driving school car and i am very bad.I can even drive up to 130 km/hr now.I told him that his car and the driving school car is completely different .But i am still need practice this manouvre .


CLC Fashion said...

hi janese! bisita ko diri kadyot, musta na diha? bisi diay ka sa driving nimo, good luck makaya lagi na nimo! toink! mora pod kog korek utro pod diay nerbyoson haha
hala 130km/hr! pagbantay walay pulis lol

Amy said...

hang-yoa nalang ang imo auto ecole na car sa imo (pa in-law) imo dalhon. wink* bitaw, you'll get used to it. bon courage!

got you tagged in my kalidadis blog. buhata lang unya to kon dili naka busy dinha:)

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