Problem having hair loss

At the moment when i arrived here in France and i had problem about my hair.I tried any shampoo that i thought i could stop loosing my hair.I went to any salon and ask their advice that if they could recommend me some special shampoo but they told me better to ask a doctor so i went to my friend who had married a doctor and then he told me that the European shampoo is too strong for me or perhaps i put too much shampoo and i didn't wash it well.And you know what?it is not only me because i just talked to my friend that she had the same problem as mine so now we are both worries on how to prevent of loosing hair everyday.Even my husband notice that my hair is very different compare the day he meet me.I told him that tried any hair loss products still not working.Until i just found out about the provillus product from and it is perfect for me.Do you have similar problem as mine?Well don't wait long and try the provillus and if you want more information about this products feel free to read their provillus review there it is written on how customers satisfied and share their opinions about how helpful this products.