Shopping winter coats from cacharel

I am happy today because i just receive my 2 winter coat.One is duffle coat and one is a simple coat that i had ordered through online.

This one is very nice too.Actually i already saw the same model during our lakatswa time with my friend ann and in fact ann already love this one.Me too but at the boutique it is too much for me.So now i bought it online i pay 80% off from it's original price a very cheap price from cacharel. beautiful isn't it?

This my second winter coat that i ordered also from cacharel.Very pretty on me.If you like send me a message i could give you the site.


CLC Fashion said…
aw! abi nako sponsored review ni hihi! joke
Nindot baya ganahan ko nagtan-aw sa duffle coat, 60€ na lang unta kaya lang mahalan gihapon ko ug di pod nako type duffle-coat, namalit ra ko para itinda na lang take advantage sa brand ug price hihi.
Hey take pic na gisuot nimo, angayan guro ka ani.
Hello there! said…
I'm glad you bought it! nindot no! both ganahan ko, i love duffle coat, c'est pratique et ├ža tien au chaud.
Vamsi said…
Vamsi said…
Can u plzz check my blog