Award from Françine

Now i have time to do some tags and awards through my online friends.Sorry that i didn't have time to do it earlier.Sadly to say that my son got sick last week i don't know how you call in english nor in french but i do know in our own language we call it TIGDAS in cebuano TIPDAS

So hard for me and i know to my son too so i really did less blogging and spent time with him.He knew that is not well and he always wants hugs and kissses from us.But my husband grrrrrr he was too scared to be contaminate since my sons pediatre that the virus that my son had is very contageous and now my husband don't want to get close to our son which is i understand since he is the one working.Hmm really tired and so much relief because is ok now.

Anyhow i am thankful to françine to send me this wonderful award night.I will share this to Ann ghafoor,Ecky, julai


Unknown said…
Hi, thanks for the award. I just found out through technorati