Do you believe in feng shui

Here are some tips for you if you believe on it.Me i am still waiting to build my own house before hiring an expert feng shui.Well i found this information and i love to share it to you all.
East feng shui area is the luckiest feng shui sector in 2008 with the annual star 8. The Wealth Star is present here in 2008. A feng shui aquarium is an excellent feng shui cure, or any water feng shui cure, for example the feng shui use of a mirror. To sum it up, a feng shui water feature in the East will greatly improve your money luck in 2008.Southeast feng shui area has the 9 star, a Joyful, Happy feng shui star. Work with feng shui crystals, especially amethyst or pyrite.Southeast is a good area to strengthen with feng shui tips for the improvement of your luck in any areas: be it romance, career or money. 9 red items can be a good feng shui addition, be it nine red stones or a favorite picture depicting nine red items, for example nine flowers. North is the feng shui area that can strengthen the luck if you are looking for a career promotion. 8 hematites can bring good energy to this feng shui area. A small feng shui water feature will work, too, even if it is a small bowl of fresh water. You can also bring the energy of water to this area with colors blue and black, as well as mirrors. Northeast feng shui area is a good area for study, so let your children spend more time there doing homework or playing. It is a good area for your home office, too. Center is finally getting a better star, the star of Romance. Strengthen the center with your feng shui for love cures -pink crystals (rose quartz), images of happy couples, etc. A feng shui water feature is good here, too, as well as the vibrations of sound/soothing music. Southwest feng shui area can still bring some luck if you use a small water cure. This is about it for the 2008 update on the new feng shui energies. Hope you have a year filled with love and harmony in your family, success and powerful breakthroughs in your professional life, and, most importantly, vibrant health.


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