Preparing our laguage

Few days to go we were leaving to singapore and philippines for our vacations.I can't help thinking how to manage my Suitcase since too much gifts that i need to give to my family.Not counted if we will bring wine.My husband already taken his Suitcase weight limit since he will bring his scuba stuffs.So me and my son 's stuffs need to check and need to control because i don't like to pay excess since it is more expensinsive than to my gifts.I told my family that if i can't bring them all i will just send it through package since i already bought one to my friend lucille that i never use.I almost 3 big Suitcases just to send to them so i don't have any choice is to send it by package.Normally i really don't like to send packages to them i prefer to send them cash which they have more choices like they can buy their own clothes and new ones.But if i want to clean our garage better to start sending now.


Anonymous said…
Bon Voyage Jan!Have a safe trip to Pinas.Bisous!
CLC Fashion said…
Manlarga na diay mo, jan! bon voyage! enjoy and have fun your vacation. Klareks jud pagbantay dili ka overloaded kaayo para less hassle.
Ayo-ayo mo didto!