I am proud of my dom because he passed his scuba diving exam and now he recieved his card to and certificate to prove that he had been studying scuba in france and it allows him to do scuba diving in philippines.Now i know that he is excited and stress for his scuba he can't sleep too much and i am happy for him.He had his small vice which is i appreciate that he really fucos on it.


Anonymous said…
Felicitation Domenic!!! now you are ready to explore the beauty of the deep.

Anonymous said…
Nice to know that you got license for driving scuba.. I also written a post about the scuba da will you visit my blog
CLC Fashion said…
Hi jan! musta na mo? hope you arrived safe and sound. Musta ang Pinas?

Congrats to Dom he got his license, Licence FFESSM di ba? blue color? Good also he got his carte CMAS kay ka-dive sya in many countries included Philippines. Greg got his diving license and carte CMAS 12 yrs ago, diver na diay ning mokong be4 mi nagkaila hihi pero wala gyod sya katry pa ug dive sa mga diving clubs diha sa ato. Basin karon na nya ni gamiton next uli namo diha pohon kay nahingag na man pod sya balik ani nga hobby.
Ayo-ayo mo diha jan! regards to your whole family!