Back from Santander

We are happy to be back to the city.Our vacation in santander was a perfect vacation no problems no stress and only nature and sounds of the sea waves.Marine village dive house is perfect to stay and we are happy since it is our first time visiting in santander and we had a wonderful time together.The resort crews are so friendly they really makes us feel likes home.No wonder most of their clients always coming back mostly Japanese.Me and Dom and of course virgile are both love our time together.The good thing int the resort is they don't have TV and phone in the room so means that it is really for vacations and with that we spent more time talking,playing,laughing,etc and the family most did.And we slept early and woke up early and when you go out to the terrace god it is amazing to see the sunset and hear the waves and watch those fishermen in front of the sea.From Rondeau family thank you again to MARINE VILLAGE DIVE HOUSE.

Sorry photos will be update when i will be back to paris.