Finally in cebu

Finally were in cebu.After a week vacation in singapore now happy to be in my own native place.Our singapore vacation was great,we visited the zoo.We do a lot of shopping then we went to sentosa island to visit the underwaterworld then we went to see the spectacle title SONG OF THE SEA it was very nice.My son love it and of course us.We are a little bit sick in singapore much more my son perhaps again he was adopting the climate since it was a little bit cold when we leave france then too hot in singapore. And when we enter to the train station or anywhere in shopping mall is quite cold so perhaps it is one of the reason also.Anyhow everything was ok when we arrived here in cebu.We slept in my parents new house it was quite adventure for us.My husband said it is ok and perhaps i will stay there for few days before going back to singpore with my mother and sister for short vacation again.My father can't go with us since he had problem about his birthcertificate and it takes few months to solve it.I am quite sad for him.Now i am in hotel doing internet very cheap connection.For 50pesos i can surf for 1 hour.
More information i think few days later .And for photos i can download it when i arrive in paris.


Anonymous said…
My dearest Janese,

How I imagine how you enjoy each minute of your seems a while that u are away and I feel quite empty not having our usual chat by phone or the long balade we enjoy as much, that we often forget the time.

Now that you are in the care of your family, try to savour the moments with them, for I myself could find it dificult to savour the moment with my own family this time of my situation, how I envy you, but dont misjudge this feeling for I find quite natural to miss our beloved, knowing the distance that sets us apart. Take care my dearest friend and send my warmth and kindest regards to your family.

truly yours,


P.S. This is the result of my being engrossed with the book that Im reading(Pride and Prejudice)lol! dont be surprise. Take care!