Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Building structure in Rouen.Very nice in real .

Friday, April 25, 2008

Slow connection

To all my bloggers and friends i am so sorry for not answering nor visiting your blog.I am still with my inlaws and as what i had post that the internet connection here is too slow.Honestly it gives me headache because i use to surf and type fast and the sundenly the connection stop crazy isn't it? i hate it.So please forgive me if i coudn't send reply or adding you to my blogfriendlist nor doin tag's.I will do all if i will be back home.Thanks for understanding.

Slow rock

As what i mentionned before that i love to listen slow rock.I am just happy that my husband bought me a complete collection of evanescene.Here are some songs that i always to listen.It is just too much bad that i forgot to bring my Ipod nor cd and i could listen here in my inlaws place though anyhow i can search through youtube that i can watch and listen their music video.Lucky me!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Join Look of the year

Are you beautiful,young and have a model look?Guess what? you can join the online beauty contest of and have a chance to be a spotted to be a model.
Look of the year is giving a chance to those who are young that wanted to be a model and beautiful worldwide to send their best pictures and have a chance to be next future model in famous fashion city as Paris,New York or Milan. Have a chance to win 10,000$!Join now!

wordless wednesday

The old church of Evreux normandie

Monday, April 21, 2008

Went around the city of evreux

I am still with my inlaws place and will be here for 3 weeks.Today i am in mood of walking around and take some pictures of the city.As most of all girls love flowers and i was so happy to see the gardens that has lots of flowers.I didn't mind what people said when i stop and took pictures.I really appreciate the colorful garden that they have here.I was just felt sad when we went to the public garden at late afternoon because i forgot to bring my digital camera but anyhow here is the picture that i can share to all my blogger friends.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


He Loves You For You

When it comes to your body, your guy hardly notices

It's nothing to do with the way you look...

He's just has really fallen for you

But make sure to stay sexy - keep the chemistry going strong!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I always love slow rock and U2 is always my favorite.I just remember when my husband gave me the cd of u2,dido,natalie merchant i was so happy to have it and even now there are times that my husband knows that i only want simple things.He never hesitate to give me.I told him i rather simple things that i am sure you give it heartedly.


Now we spend our vacation here in evreux.My inlaws live here so it is quite easy for to pack our suitecase take the car to go and stay here.I am happy to stay because i also have some filipina friends here and most of the time if i arrive we do some small gathering and enjoy talking or perhaps something singing.That it the good thing of being filipino because even where too far to our family we still happy and make more friends and treat them as our second family.We plan to go to the beach but i am not sure if i will say yes since the weather as of now is still not so good.It is not warm and more if you go to the beach.My inlaws has their small residence not to far to the beach so it is why most summer we went there but now they propose me if i like to go there because their daughter (my sister in law)is there and spending her vacation time.But i would probably say no.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wordless Wednesday

This shark is real.I took it when we went to underwater world in singapore just last month.Scary isn't it?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy or surprise

I only have time to check all my vacation photo and with this photo it makes me laugh.It is my son and i am not sure if he did it with purpose or he just making fun or he is surprise.This photo taken in when were in singapore it is our first night with my sister and i think it is almost around midnight so perhaps he is just tried with this picture but he really makes me happy.I my husband that our son is no longer a baby:-(

Blackhawk holster

My friend has her own self protection but what i am afraid for is she just put it anywhere and it could risk if there is a child who see and play with it.I told her that she should have her own blackhawk holster so that she can kept it with herself.And she can buy at which they have a very interesting product for police products like as shirt and also police materials for a very resonable price.

Car and tricycle accident

When we went back to cebu from santander there is a big traffic.Because of this accident.A tricyle and a jeepney fortunately there is nobody injured but as you can see how badly hit the tricycle.In my country the road is just small but people don't respect the signalization and the signal light so that is why some people die because of this.

Monday, April 14, 2008


There are men are love collecting any military items like as clothes,shoes,backpack,gloves and also safariland holster i could tell you that there is the best site for all this kind of collection and i am sure that you will be happy to know because they have complete items for military from head to foot.At has all this interesting items and a lot of discount and you will not have worry about the shipping because free shipping,free return shipping and also free hat see it is not only for those collector but also those who have plan to be a military someday.Now you have a chance to have all materials and clothes in your own.I will tell you that even me i like so much tshirt which has military design.

Photo for you

Are you missing Ayala center cebu?I took this picture for you;-).The hotel that were staying before is just 2 minutes away from ayala.It is very convenient for to do shopping.As you can see it was early morning when i took this picture and you saw that there are already so many people are waiting for the store to open.We stayed in Golden prince hotel it is very cheap and clean the crew are friendly.

Real state and property business

We do know that life now is really not easy.We face a lots of problem and also economic problem which really affect us a lot.And because of this it is possible also that we need to cut our budget like for instead why living in a big house if your alone.Now you can have cash for property at they are specialise in purchasing land and property direct from the owners.They've been providing domestic and commercial property services for over 20 years in UK.With this positive background you can assure that they are safe and secure that we can give our trust and have your property for the price range because they understand every situation is different and there range of services can be tailored to suit in your situation.With the help of their advisors your assure that the quick property sale is not a best solution for everyone's need so in this case you need an honest and professional approach that can ensure you to receive the correct advice and with this good advisor you can recommend them to your friends and family.Now you have an idea on where and when you can sale your property especially if your in UK.

Lechon baboy

Dom was very curious the taste of lechon baboy in philippines.In the picture he was so brave to taste it for the very first time after 6 years of marriage because in the resort there are groups of japanese celebrating their 100 times of scuba so they ordered a whole lechon baboy and they share some to us.Well as you can see he has doubt of tasting it but as he think that if japanese can eat it,why not french;-).After he tasted it he really don't like it.Well there are people that use to eat this and their are some people don't but me?i ate all!:-)

3gb community

We miss our old friends and were longing to meet new friends all around the world.Do you know that now you can join 3gb community here there is a chance that you can make contact on your old friends and of course meet new friends worldwide.And guess what?you can also hear the latest mp3 hits and download your own photos.Easy!Visit their website and register and join their group chat and have a chance to meet your old and make new friends now.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

over due tag from amy

I was tag by my friend amy!I am sorry for late respond of your tag am!Well anyhow here is my result for your tag.Not so bad :-)


I am passing this tag to all my bloggers!!Enjoy and share your type speed rate:-)

Friday, April 11, 2008


Photo taken in simala cebu,It is same in brazil of course it is a little bit small compare of jesus christ there.But so many devotees who came and prayed there.When i went there i felt peace of mind all my twisted probem was suddenly forgot.We do make our problem and i truly believe that.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

VIrgile psp

My son love to play any gadget and his father love to buy it for me.Just like this psp he almost want to watch movie on it.In fact we have some umd cassettes just for him and now he love to watch Asterix et obelix he followed on what the caracter do on film.We control him of course since it not good to let him watch whole day.Sometimes he choose a book and let me read it to him.Spending time with our child is just so wonderful ,you can see him growing,changing which is makes you sometimes think that if you give him enough love.

Scuba Monitor of dom

When we spent our vacation in Santander my husband did his first ever scuba and he was lucky because his monitor was so nice and friendly.His name is mitch a japanese guy,he already work for almost 3 years being a scuba monitor in philippines first he was working somewhere in mactan then he move to santander and he prefer in santander since it is more nature peaceful and friendly people.In mactan they are also friendly as he said but it is now a little bit crowdy because of so many hotels and your not so far to the city.So if you really want nature better to go to provinces their you will found out that you forgot everything.About mitch he plan not to renew his contract because he will try his luck in south of france since he is so much interested in france.Well of course we invited him if their is a chance that he will have his luck he can visit us and stay in our house.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fast payday UK loan

We do know that today is not possible not having financial problem.Everything are increasing such as food,water bill,electricity bill almost everything and we can't help thinking about that when we check our bank account or wallet almost empty.The problem is how you could manage the situation if there is somebody in your family that is sick and you might notice that all your budget are just enough for your daily needs.You know that you can solve your problem easier by having payday loans it the fastest way of having some straight cash right away.Luckily for us Payday Uk are there to help us in terms of this kind of financial problem just imagine that they are enable you to free up some cash straight away for anything from a weekend away to a plumbing emergency up to £750 and you can do it online .All you need to prepare is you need to have a job and to have a bank account statement because it is all what they need for requirements.And they only charge £25 for every £100 pound that you have borrowed nothing more.Payday UK is a trading name of MEM Consumer Finance Ltd and the UK’s largest online payday lender they already provided small loans to over 100,000 customers since August 2003. So here how it goes,just connect to on their site and read the instructions on how to be qualify.Payday UK loan is a safe payday online services since you have notice their satisfied customer that give their testimonials.

payday loans

Grilled blue marlin

Who wants to have some grilled blue marlin:-)Yup now i am just watching this delicious grilled blue marlin.Well the photo was took last month while were in santander.My son and my husband love to order this and it is really yummy!

Wordless Wednesday

Photo taken just last month during our vacation at santander cebu philippines.Very lovely this beautiful sunset.I love to watched almost every day when we spent our vacation there.So magical.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

change template

I am in mood of changing my template today.So hope that it would be easier to all my bloggers friends to read.Don't hesitate to send me message and suggest that if you think that the old template is better than now.Changing template is really not easy but if your motivated you will finish it and you will be happy to see the result.Now i am ready to sleep.Good night every one!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Flowers and drinks

At 3 of april it was the day of my arrival from our vacation and at the same time i recieved this beautiful bouquet from my husband.Wanna know why?well it is just the same day of my birthday.I was just so happy to recieved it and guess what at that night my husband prepared a drinks(sorry i can't tell you it is my husband secret.)Well it was a lovely day he never forget our any special occasion.
This is my birthday flowers

The flowers and our drinks:-)

pharmacy technician training

We know that the most demand employment today is in the medical field.Some of us are on training to be pharmacy technician.Well what we just need to know is to have an idea on which medical field you want to achieve.And being a pharmacy tech is a good one it is a job title for a pharmacy staff member who works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist and performs many pharmacy related functions,most job duties providing medication and other health care.So many in able not to have a mistake and to be more attentive on this kind of field you need to have a good training.In terms of salary range pharmacy technicians has median hourly earning of wage depending on work environment.We now not hesitate to do the good training and be one of the pharmacy technicians.Since we all know that pharmacy technician salary have also lots of advantages as any medical trainings.

Snow in april

This morning we are both surprise when we looked outside everything are covered with snow.Could you imagine here it is already spring and we still have snow.Quite amazing there are so beautiful i enjoyed taking pictures on it and my son loves to touch the snow but he just laughed that it is too much cold.I am thinking that i am still lucky that it is my first snow for this year even i just arrive from vacation.For most of our vacation is late winter and now i am arrived and it is spring i still saw this beautiful snow.Well it is cold of course but i don't mind the weather since i used to it.Enjoy!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

still having jetlag

Quite bad today because i am still having jetlag.My little boy is quite ok he easily adopt the time but not me.I am very sleepy around 3 pm which is around 10 or 11 pm in philippines.I tried not to sleep so what my husband did he propose me to walk around and do some shopping so that i will not feel sleepy.But tonight my eyes are really heavy and i am very envy to sleep so probably i can't download and post again some of our vacation photos.Hope you will excuse me.Well i will do my best to update my vacation story.My post will be short as of now since i need also to prepare our guest room for my in laws they will be here tomorrow to know how our vacation was.I am not in the mood of cleaning and do any household works.I am proud to say that my dom do the laundry he let me take a break since he understand that i am still in jetlag situation.Lucky wife isn' t it? well bye bye as of now.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Home sweet home

Happy to be back home.I miss everything even i just left for a month.It is really strange though before i always said that i prefer philippines but now i rather choose to stay and live her.I can't resists now the hot weather in philippines.I felt the sun really burn inside to my skin,fortunately for me i used a body lotion which has uv protection.Me and virgile are not tired perhaps we slept well during our flight.There is a lot of people always told me how lucky i am to my son since he was very good boy during our flight.Never cried and he let me slept.I could say too that i am a lucky.I started bringing him alone since he was 1 year old and he never cried even a 13 hours flight and until now.I even surprise that when we sat he took his seatbelt.I need to clean and arranged my lugage.

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