Now we spend our vacation here in evreux.My inlaws live here so it is quite easy for to pack our suitecase take the car to go and stay here.I am happy to stay because i also have some filipina friends here and most of the time if i arrive we do some small gathering and enjoy talking or perhaps something singing.That it the good thing of being filipino because even where too far to our family we still happy and make more friends and treat them as our second family.We plan to go to the beach but i am not sure if i will say yes since the weather as of now is still not so good.It is not warm and more if you go to the beach.My inlaws has their small residence not to far to the beach so it is why most summer we went there but now they propose me if i like to go there because their daughter (my sister in law)is there and spending her vacation time.But i would probably say no.