Monday, April 7, 2008

Flowers and drinks

At 3 of april it was the day of my arrival from our vacation and at the same time i recieved this beautiful bouquet from my husband.Wanna know why?well it is just the same day of my birthday.I was just so happy to recieved it and guess what at that night my husband prepared a drinks(sorry i can't tell you it is my husband secret.)Well it was a lovely day he never forget our any special occasion.
This is my birthday flowers

The flowers and our drinks:-)


Amor said...

Hello Jan,belated happy 29th birthday!!!its better late than never diba hehehe.Just by looking the pics,I guess you had a great time celebrating it with your family.

Lucille said...

hello jan, belated happy birthday! was ko kabalo bday diay nimo. and welcome back sa france.
Kalami anang imong drinks,pinacolada na? pero mora man ug lemon, lemoncolada guro. lol don't tell na lang ky secret ra ba. ;-)
Tnx sa IM ha. mag-abot ra unya ta sa chat ky gibalik na man nako akong yahoo msgr. Take care.

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