Home sweet home

Happy to be back home.I miss everything even i just left for a month.It is really strange though before i always said that i prefer philippines but now i rather choose to stay and live her.I can't resists now the hot weather in philippines.I felt the sun really burn inside to my skin,fortunately for me i used a body lotion which has uv protection.Me and virgile are not tired perhaps we slept well during our flight.There is a lot of people always told me how lucky i am to my son since he was very good boy during our flight.Never cried and he let me slept.I could say too that i am a lucky.I started bringing him alone since he was 1 year old and he never cried even a 13 hours flight and until now.I even surprise that when we sat he took his seatbelt.I need to clean and arranged my lugage.