Lechon baboy

Dom was very curious the taste of lechon baboy in philippines.In the picture he was so brave to taste it for the very first time after 6 years of marriage because in the resort there are groups of japanese celebrating their 100 times of scuba so they ordered a whole lechon baboy and they share some to us.Well as you can see he has doubt of tasting it but as he think that if japanese can eat it,why not french;-).After he tasted it he really don't like it.Well there are people that use to eat this and their are some people don't but me?i ate all!:-)


Anonymous said…
Baka hindi nya nagustuhan ang lasa sa lechon. Why not try lechoncebu. They are the best lechon in the Philippines. And we all know that lechoncebu ang nangunguna sa listahan ng mga pinoy. Cebu yata ang king sa lechon.... Nakakagutom naman.
Anonymous said…
I can say that lechoncebu can boast its lechon!
Anonymous said…
Hindi talaga lahat ng tao eh fave yung lechon. At yung iba depende rin if they like the taste or not. Para sa akin kahit anong lechon kakain parin ako eh favorite ko kasi ang lechon lalo na yung sa belly ay grabe ang sarap kasi nasa part ng belly ang malasa.

Lechon cebu d'best talaga sya compare sa lechon dito sa manila.