still having jetlag

Quite bad today because i am still having jetlag.My little boy is quite ok he easily adopt the time but not me.I am very sleepy around 3 pm which is around 10 or 11 pm in philippines.I tried not to sleep so what my husband did he propose me to walk around and do some shopping so that i will not feel sleepy.But tonight my eyes are really heavy and i am very envy to sleep so probably i can't download and post again some of our vacation photos.Hope you will excuse me.Well i will do my best to update my vacation story.My post will be short as of now since i need also to prepare our guest room for my in laws they will be here tomorrow to know how our vacation was.I am not in the mood of cleaning and do any household works.I am proud to say that my dom do the laundry he let me take a break since he understand that i am still in jetlag situation.Lucky wife isn' t it? well bye bye as of now.