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For 2 weeks we spent our vacation with my inlaws and we enjoy a lot.I practice driving for 1 week then i spent 3 days with my friends we went around in Rouen.But sad to say that for first 2 days the weather was too bad.It was raining all the time yet it didn't stop us to visit the tourist area.And in this days i learn how to cook couscous.I will try this week and if it is good i will share to all of you the recipe.Now i am quite busy cleaning our house since we do know that most men don't like to clean as well as my husband.I need to do laundry clean a little bit our garden.I will update more photos soon!!

Happy weekend to all!!


Anonymous said…
hows the driving? bon courage!
Maya said…
That's nice to hear that you enjoy your vacation.
buzz me up with the new photos you'll be posting.
Anyway, i'll be adding you up now.
Sarah Coggins said…
Glad you enjoyed your vacation! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Scrapbooking is so much fun. The best part is you make it your own. I started by adding pictures and a few notes. It's grown from there. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or want more information.
Pinay said…
Hello Jan,kumusta ang bakasyon? sus laag guro mo taman ni Ann noh? :)kumusta imo driving,kanus-a ka take ug exam?busy kaayo ako byuti karon ug hangtud gyd ni masettle nami sa amo balhinan.
Prily said…
hi Janese,good that you are now updating your blog.please let me know once you added me as i would gladly do so in return.have a great week,dear!cheers!
Anonymous said…
Hey!!! una sa tanan, i really enjoy our days together... it was funny and scary at the same time, well at least for me though, shh,shh,shh (c'est entre nous) hope we can do it again some time.. And AMOR my dearest, I knw ul be droping here frm time to time... HELLLLLOO! it should have been great if u were able to join us, maybe next time!!