Beautiful Real Art

It is very rare for a person that don't like art.Any art that can made of painting,drawings,abstract art,landscape art,floral art,watercolor art or even mixed media art are very nice.We have a friend who just a very good painter and he told us in painting is not easy as what we think first you need to have an inspiration so that you will be inspired on your own design.But i just discover at they have so many genuine painting.They have different painting like as drawings,abstract art,landscape art,floral art,watercolor art ,mixed media art.Their beautiful painter are painted with those talented famous artist like as Ann Faust Baron she design in the simplest of lines, and compositional themes with an application of pigment is deliberate, repeating her underlying desire for simplicity, and yet she delight in the unexpected nature of the medium, when it occurs. There is joy and wonder in Watercolor. Painting in Watercolor is an ever changing, ever growing, experience for her.Kim Dean her work has been described as playful and child like, showing her inner child at play. Her children are her muses and with out them.She feels her work would lack love, passion, spirituality, empathy and substance.
Allan Cohen living in poverty he studied the old masters and traveled by foot through city and countryside finding inspiration by drawing people and places often using a plain pencil and paper which he felt was the most direct way of connecting to reality. Naquaiya She continues to improve her craft on her own with joy and experimentation in this wonderful medium.Elizabeth Schleicher she have both prize-winning paintings were watercolors of the ocean with palm trees.Shannon Girouard her passion with art is that she is not limited in what she can create, and what she can create with.Lin Li she find peace and happiness through making her art.Sandi (Svitlana Pryhodko)Now in her breathtaking mosaic colorscapes appear under her brushes and knifes, creating an unusual balance of order and chaos, and changing the way we see the art. Influenced by both American abstract art and stained glass techniques, She shapes many styles into one - one that lets her creativity run wild, delivering some of the most unusual and innovative combinations possible.John David Warner he paint as combining these techniques and the emotional images.Lynda Betz she turning to watercolors, she took courses in techniques and devoured every book she could find on the medium. The results are: Marvelous, creative paintings showing her inner feelings and imagination expressed in her own unique style.Mariusz (Mario) Idkowiak He adopted a vivid palette and painted with loose, vigorous strokes, while continuing to portray forms with a firm sense of reality. In addition to his incredible artwork.Dorothy Laz what she wants is more common things to be wonderful. Flowers are never treated as decoration of interior but they are always in the foreground. She wants flowers and trees to be as portraits.Jeff Hughart he had always wanted to be an "artist", a painter and after moving back to his hometown in the suburbs of Los Angeles and after some recovery of his hearing loss, he decided to very gingerly, bones creaking, pick up some charcoal, a pencil, some pastels and a paint brush.Niki Sands for her Painting has been a strong focus in my life and as I continue to create as an artist I hope to bring a smile to someone’s face or perhaps a connection of some sort, that to me is true success.B. Ariel Seilonen her works to bring a new consciousness to her viewers and appreciation for the beauty that is all around.Stan Jerry Suder work has been collected by museums and galleries and has been exhibited proudly in many collections around the world.Margaret Kruk for her the wonder of these works are in its fresh liberation of color and light offering the viewer a sense of awe and peace. The paintings explore atmospheric conditions capturing a moment in time and place invoking the viewer to intimately see the sublime.
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