Being an accountant

Since i was a child i've always knew what i want in my life.I've already plan what course that i'm gonna take and what kind of job that i really want to work.And part of this is being an accountant.Yes,It is quite difficult but i found myself so much interesting on it.It is very easy to find accountancy jobs on any work field.More and more companies now are hiring accountant,i think this one of the most on demand jobs now.No matter where you are, you can find accountancy jobs easier.Me? i am just not lucky if you compare to other students because of financial problem i didn't have a chance to finish my study yet i am thinking perhaps to continue my study and have a good job in any accounting firm at this time i will proceed my goal and to have my diploma here in France.Even i need to work and study more if it is neccesary just to be part of any accounting firm.You might wondering that what course i took before,I love to take accountant major yet it was a little bit expensive and my income of being a working study is not enough so i decided i took bachelor of science management accounting which is a little bit closer of accountant major and if you talk about job,I can work in any company as accounting clerk.But things will change since now i am in france i will start all over again which means i need to start from the beginning but at this time i have the opportunity to be an accountant.


Anonymous said…
Hi sis, I have linked you in my 4 blogs. Thank you for adding me here too.
reynaleo28 said…
I'm an accountacy grad. in the Philippines but sad to say Europe didn't recognize it since we have different taxation laws and, now I think I'll take another course by Sept. here in Italy..Maybe Language-specifically the German Language. Hopefully...:))