Big discounts

Now i start thinking about the Christmas gifts for my whole family.Starts to imagine what would be the nice gifts for my in laws and also for my family in Philippines.It is very difficult for me to plans since i need to check when and which place or a shopping site that i could have a great discounts.And i am just surprise to hear about buying items during Black Friday i can have great discounts.It is really a great news for me.Now i will just wait and kept saving my money until the day after thanksgiving.It is convenient for me to do shopping if i can have great discounts because i can save money or i can buy more,Now i will shop online at .I don't need to make cue to pay no more losing time to go any boutiques.Actually i really did not spent too much shopping at the mall ,i rather do it through net.It is my concept of shopping but i did not discourage to all my friends who love shopping in the mall during Christmas.Like my sister in law,she loves doing shopping during peak season their are times i joined her and i enjoyed watching her yet i am not so much fun of looking people are in a hurry buying gifts.