design blog

At the beginning i have so many problems about on how to create my own blog and have a beautiful design blog.It takes me a couple of months how to start blogging and which is the best site that i could have my own user accounts.Many of my friends share their ideas to me on which also i can join to spyware community and i am thankful to them.Honestly even now i don't have any idea on how to make my very own design of my blog even it is been a long time that i had started but it is nice to learn slow that i am sure i will learn perfectly.Now i even bought a cd about design the blog.For me,honestly i just need more search so that i will have wide informations that i could use to improve my blog.It is nice to have your own blog wanna know why?Well it is not only about making them nice and perfectly but also you will have a chance to meet people worldwide sometimes they will share their ideas to me that what i need to do on how my blog would be friendly viewer.


got a tag for you waiting
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this info Jan, I really don't have any idea how to make a design but i'll surely learn like you said...slowly.