Real fire accident

When were on our way to my inlaws place we stopped passed one of the near village and we were just surprise that we saw this appartment that is on fire.The firemen are still not arrive and i have this chance to took a picture.It is realy scarry but it is just make me surprise because in this kind of accident in my native land,people already watch because they are so curious which i am not agree about it since it is dangerous.But during this fire accident i've people but i think it is the residence people.It just few minutes after we do u turn we heared a firemen truck and some ambulance that arrive.


Anonymous said…
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Gypsy at heart said…
Hope everything turned out o.k. for the residents. Amazing how fascinated we all are by thos eincidents. We would help if we could, but most of the time we can only stand and watch.