Beauty tag from Françine

Sorry françine for late tag.But now i have time to do it:-)
my answers for my beauty secrets:
*My Foundation: hmm..Normaly i didn't used too much foundation because i have this probleù that most of the time i put foundations i've got pimples in the very next day but time to time i used my chanel and dior foundation.
*My Blush:Is from chanel
*My Day Cream: Body shop with vitamin A
*My Lipstick:chanel 106 and dior 721 and 769
*My Essential Beauty Product: Just body shop cream and lip bump
*My favorite Make-up product: Chanel and dior this are the products that i don't have iratations

*My Perfume:Chanel Mademoiselle,kenzo flower,celine,burberry..I used different perfume every other day.
*My Nails: Just put an ordinary nail polish
*My Feet: Clean and wash and put some Mixa foot cream to avoid any foot crack.
*My hands: After washing and ordinary hand soap i put nivea hand lotion
*Three Products to bring on a deserted island:sunprotection cream,hat,towel
*Women I admire for their beauty: Angelina jolie,kate hudson,Liv Taylor,Natalie Portman
*Women with the best Sense of Style:Eva longoria parker
*My ultimate dream:To help my son to have a good future.And have our own business so that it would easy for us if we want to retire
*My favorite fashion Publication: Not so much fan of fashion publication but about entertainment yes,I am subscriber for closer in french version

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