Best Gift

My mother's birthday is coming and i still don't have any idea what would be the best gift for her 50th birthday. I've asked my sister if she have any idea what our mother really like.Then she said that our mother can't stop talking about having her own laptop computer...hmm i told my sister what a gift wish.
So now i start reading guide to buying laptops to make sure that i choose the best quality and not be regret in the future since it is quite expensive as a gift for my mother.
I want to give her the best gift that she's longing for, since it is her 50th birthday.For me it is special and i am happy that for all this years she is still there to advice and help me emotionaly about married life.Since i am far and i can't give her a big hugs and kisses.I want to give her wish come true and in this reason i need to be 100% satisfied of choosing of the popular laptop brands.