Busy day

I am not busy of doing something but i am busy of reading and check what would be the paint color to our kitchen.We still didn't finish do the painting since my husband is not fan of doing this stuff.But if you ask him about computer he can stay whole day helping you:-).So now since i started do the painting some part of our house i wanted to do the painting in our kitchen but my husband told me i should not do this job since i still feel pain in my stomach he said i should wait after my scanner's result and see if i am capable to do painting or what.Otherwise he will not allow me.I felt bad about it because now i am motivated doing arrangement and taking new decarations for our house.


Gypsy at heart said…
LOL....you need to paint but your husband wants you to wait until you are well. Maybe he could do it? Men!
Hope you are better and everything is ok.
Thanks for stopping by my blog....
Anonymous said…
hi jan
wow its goOd that your hubby helping you,my hubby nah he is so mean,don't want to be part of what i did...you have such a wonderful husband there..god bless you