Favorite pants

There are no men or women who does not like to wear pants.If you ask me?I love to wear pants and I have a lots of them.Differents color and style but I like most particularly is slim fit pants.Yep!Wearing this pants make me sexy and of course it depends what you put on the top.My mother told me that how come I less wear skirt nowadays.I told her that I feel comfortable with pants and more easier for me to decide what would I put on the top if I need to put tshirts or an tunique.She said hmm...If I there is a chance that I will not use them anymore she would love to accept it.Funny right?She try to discourage me not to wear pants though she is planning something for her.Well since I love my mother so much I bought her 2 pairs,she was very thankful. Guess what? Not only for me nor my mother whom I bought pants of course my husband also like pants so that is why I am the one who do shopping for his pants and he like what I bought for him.
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Maya said…
i was into this brand before i like their slack style pants.

Anyway, Ako gihapon naa nagaatang ug pintal daghang kaayo katuan kwarto ng akong kaduhang anak tapos tuan among kwarto . ay ginoo, dili nlang nako usa usahun.. kay laay kaayu.
patughan lang nako ni akong bana ug laag ba kay nagmanya man.
pag WW naman uy kay gwapo baya ang imong mga photos.tinuod lang.way bakak.