Getting to know your neighbors?

Yesterday in our street we had a small gathering,it is like to get to know your neighbors.I remembered some of our neighbors yet there are new and it is the reason every year one of our neighbor is so courageous to organized this small gathering.Each of us need to bring something.Most of them brought some cakes and saussages for barbeque.Me i prepared lumpia and guess what?There are some of our neighbor already knew that i will prepared lumpia so they just waited me to arrive and funny my lumpia not even stay an hour.Others asking if i still have some left in our house.LOL!so i told them sorry no more left! I prepared 50 pcs and they all ate.One of my neighbor said it is like every year the taste of my lumpia is different.I told her yup it is different because last year i put more meat on it but this time i put more vegetables and redbell pepper so that it well a little bit spicy then i add magi savor for taste and the rest is secret:-) I am happy because they like what i prepared.One of my neighbor keep asking me the recipe of lecheflan..I said ohh dear!!i really don't have recipe i just mixed all follow my feelings if it is perfect and ready to steam.She laughed and said i am funny:-) i just respond,ngek!
Now i can communicate with them and i do agree that there are others have this discramanation attitude but heho!!!i am french too!!!i don't care!!!lol!!if they continue like that no lumpia for them for next year!!:-)

Happy monday to all!!