Mary is here

Wondering where you can find Mary?You can find her In Plain Sight it is the new crime drama that you can see all over USA Networks.Mary Shannon is one who's in charge of Federal Marshall with the witness protection program.Despite with risky issue, she is a glorified meter maid no matter what she must hide her dangerous job from her family.Her job is to relocate to all crime witness to be secure and in safe place.But how far she can take her responsibilities if she has a partner Marshall Mann,that always disagree with her?But dispite of this disagreement problem they were try to do their job and do whatever they need to do just to protect the witnesses.How long they could kept their dangerous job to their families?Better you watch the premier show on June 1st at USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight.And have an idea on how safe we are if we see a crime and ask for witness protection.

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