My favorite Manga film**Fushigi Yugi**

I just can't help watching again my favorite Manga Film.Actually the first time i watched this film i am already a teenager and i really love the story goes.It is a love story and it shows how you sacrifice everything just because of love.And shows true friends.When i meet my husband he was just laughed that most of the time i talked about Fushigi Yugi.I always told him that oh i really love this film so what he did?Well when i arrive in france he just ordered the 2 season because the 3rd season is out of stock though and after few months he again ordered the 3rd season.I am very happy when i received this gifts.My husband told me before that i am not a very complicated woman:-)Small gifts it is like heaven for me:-) hahah.Now it is my 4th time watching this film.