Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tornado in my local province

I was surprise while watching local news from my own country that they had tornado somewhere in Mactan.Worst thing is that there is a plane pass through on it luckily the airplane pass without any damage though my husband said that it was a very bad idea passing through tornado.In this vedio it doesn't catch but when we watch it really shows the airplane.Sad to say it is only for the TV chanel:-(

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank you everyone

Thank you to all who continue visiting my blog while i'm on vacation.Sorry for not be active few days back.I will visit one by one your blog starting tomorrow

Summer vacation with cousins

My son is very happy spending his summer vacation with his cousin in Banville somewhere part in normandy.He enjoy playing with them and do some craziness games.In this pictures their on there way to feed the horse not far the house.I went with them to check no danger will come while feed the horse.The horses were so friendly they came out when they saw the children brought some carrots and breads for them and they let the children carresse there face softly.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We don't know which language does my son want to speak.English or French in this video he said **Are you okey**

Wordless Wednesday

L'arc de triomphe In France.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Great mommy blogger

I started blogging 2 years ago but i really didn't took it seriously because i am still confused at that time but still i did some efforts to learn how does blogging world works.There are times that i phone some of my friends and ask their advice on how to improve my blog and how does my blog be more interesting to my readers.Now i understand and i just can't help now doing blogging everyday because i have in my mind that it is like my online journal and it helps me to express my thoughts and feelings,sometimes it makes me feel happy when i visit and read some of my friends blog and without knowing that there are other ways of doing blogging such as earning too.And i heard about SocialSpark i register quickly and submit my blog hoping that they will give me a chance to prove them that i am a great mommy blogger.And guess what?They accepted my blog,it is just like heaven for me when i got their responds and yup!it gives me more courage to update everyday my blog.Now it is your turn too!Take this great opportunity not just writing your daily interest but also at the same time earn some money.Join us and be a great mommy blogger too.Me?I am happy because even though i still don't have a job but being a mommy blogger and earn some money too!Honestly today?I am not bored anymore that i am stay home mom because enjoy doing blogging and part of it i know that i have income and at the same time i have time with my son.

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Finally we arrived

Finally we arrived in my in laws place for one night staying,tomorrow we will be leaving somewhere in Normandy for vacation.The road is quite okay,it is a good idea to leave the house around 8pm to avoid traffic though there are traffic on the other side of the road which to go somewhere in South part of France.Hope tomorrow we will have nice weather otherwise it is catastrophic.But i did prepared everything if in case if it sunny i prepared some short and sweatshirt too for my son.And 3 pairs of shoes,yup 1 travelling bag is full of my son's clothes and some medicine if in case he will catch cold.My husband it is look like we will not see our son anymore with all those stuff that i prepared lol.Well that's all:-)see you on Tuesday everyone!

Little disappointed

Tonight we will be leaving to Normandy for our short vacation but sad to say i am a little bit sick so i can't stay this week with my son.I rather not to give my microbes to any of our family,so i will do is to stay only the weekend and i will be back home with my husband and we will leave our son to his cousins,auntie and his grandparents and i will join my son on the next week 21 of July.It is ok for me at least my son can enjoy more with his cousin since it is only twice a year they see each other and it helps also for them to be close each other.I have terrible head ache today,Sorry for all my blogger friends for not visiting your blog,I will make it up when i will OK.Thank you for your understanding and have a nice vacation to all:!

Flirting time

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What would the best way if you want to flirt to someone?I just remembered based on my experience,first i never go out to the house if i didn't have my Victory Hair well done.Yup mostly guys are attract to girls if you have nice and well brush hair.Not only for girls,I noticed that most single men are also trying to look more attractive such us putting gel on their hair.But do you know you can joinExtreme Style by VO5 for an ultimate flirting championship,it is an online game where you could play the game online and on the other hand you have a chance of wining the championship title.If you want to know about the Hollywood pick up line such us You had me at hello and much more,join now and have a chance to win an Ultimate Flirting Championship title.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Potential advantages

I love doing blogging most of the time in this reason i always search a system that helps to improve my blog site and that can seamlessly integrated also with any sites.Until i found out TrafficXplode2.0 is a hosted tell a friend system that can be seamlessly integrated with any kind of sites with a unique feature of the tool is to be able to integrate with blogger.The good thing is now i can generate more traffic to sites leveraging visitors to my contacts or my friends.It makes more accessible to public .Very helpful for me to improve my blog traffic and i enjoy exploring around to improve my blog.And check this out!TrafficXplode 2.0 is integrated with,they really have more features that helps to improve my blog, not only that their tools are user-friendly.Very helpful to blogger in achieving and improving more traffic to blogger site. With all those potential advantages now i am assure that i can update and make some more improvement on my blog and at the same time it can increase more traffic too.I know that most blogger this is what they are looking for,first a friendly system and generate traffic.Come and see the demo!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How could this parents

I was hurt after watching the Local news from my native land about this little girl that was victime of physicaly and not only that,she was raped too.How could this devil raped a 3 years old girl?In the news the girl just left for nature call but they just wondering when they found out that she's bleeding and had so wound in the head.And according to the mother that the girl said that it is made by some name a guy but when they bring the child to the Childcare they tried to asked if who did it to her?And the girl answered it twice that it was her father.Today i was just shocked that the parent of this girl just abandon her.Now i can have this theory that perhaps it was really her father did it because why they hide?And the child never lie.God!If i am have just enough savings or a very nice job i would really love to help this girl.It hurt me so much and i understand how hurt she feel.At her young age she already have this horrible experience and hope she will be ok.I will pray for her.

Perfect Trendy Optical Frame

Last month i just had my eye check up and my Ophthalmology said that i need to wear eyeglass.So now i am searching for a perfect trendy frames for my eye wear .Lucky for me i just found that has huge selection of frames ,not all that they have so many different lens such as single vision lens , sun sensor lens,tinted sunglasses,bifocal lens and best of all they have progressive lens.About budget,you don't have to worry because they have the lowest prices because they only sell their own manufactured frames direct to the customer.Thank god!Now you can have your own frames without paying too much.

Alicia Keys

Wow!Yesterday i went to paris for shopping with my friend Ann.I just noticed that Ms.Alicia Keys will having concert here in Paris.Gosh!I hope i will have the chance to see this concert since i miss the concert of my idol Celine Dion.But sad to say when i check the date concert we will be leaving for summer vacation somewhere in normandy.Chance really not with me,well it is ok for me family first before anything else.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Great Vacation

Funny!Last night me and my husband just remembering our last vacation somewhere in USA.We went before in New York,Washington DC then from there we rented a car to go to Key west,Long Island,Miami and from Miami we took a cruise to go to Bahamas.Then just suddenly my husband told me that if we have a chance, perhaps we can spend at West Cornwall but of course we will check first the best Holiday Cottage Cornwall that has good accommodation .I told him it would be a perfect vacation because now we are three.We love to bring our son in the beach and have fun with each other last summer we had our short vacation somewhere in Normandy France and we really enjoyed there.We did sand castle then played the seawater.But hope next time it would be somewhere and have more fun and experience the most wonderful vacation.In this reason we will check carefully if we can have the perfect place which can give us all the comfort and best accommodation not only for us but also for our son.Yup!I know that most of us best accommodations is what were looking for to have a perfect vacations during holidays.

Sweet Home Blogger Award

Thank you joy for this beautiful tag of yours

I would love to pass this to celyn,Marilyn nicotine, Kiscy,theshutterbug,My other blog janetoile28

Friday, July 4, 2008

Visitng mammy et Pappy

Tomorrow we will be going to evreux for weekend visit to my inlaws.Perhaps also preparing for family summer vacation.We do it every year to spent time all together and stay to their family house not far from the sea.Good for my son to spend time with his cousins there and also to play the sea not to go swim i think,because for almost 7 years i never again taste the beach here wanna know why?It is because the sea water is damn so cold hahahhaha...I just remember that my son really love to swim so with out know that the water is that much cold he just jumped and then he's trembled and said grrrrrrr...hahhahah i knew that would be his expression so i just prepared all.I brought 2 towels and 2 pairs of clothes.Poor Virgile.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hey! that's my bling gnome


I could say that i am like a child because until now i love playing games.Especially games that more on fantasy and adventures.Of course i am happy to know about MMORPG wanna know why?Well because they have this exciting realm of giant icky monster Dungeon Runners that i can download for free.It is very nice to explore with those richly detailed dungeon and fight the battle ferocious monster and at the same time to discover what would be my incredible weapons.

You might wondering what is Bling Gnome?It is some kind of game that help the players to run wild as they consume trinkets scattered or even dropped by other monsters players.And they can also produce magical object out of their magical bottoms.Actually the NS Soft was recently release their Dungeon Runner which usually known as Bling Gnome that has complete with pimp hat and huge bling-blings.Guess what?I have my own personal Bling Gnome too.See how does my Pokemon collection wear his bling bling customs.Cute right?I had my Pokemon at the moment when i arrived here Paris as what i said i love games and even collecting them is my fashion.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday***Dialing***

I took this picture during schooling park outing from my son's school.I went with him since he still very young and i am afraid that the teacher could not take much attention of him since they were about 30 students and of course not including to all other school that was scheduled too for this outing.It was a very sunny day and we really enjoyed a lot!It was a very brilliant idea to joined because the teacher asked me a favor if i could watched this two kids while taking this boat.They were nice so no problem for me.Each time i saw that they should becareful they just responds**D'accord**Means ok! It just make me laughed this kid:-)He was busy of doing something:-)yup!Busy dialing

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