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I started blogging 2 years ago but i really didn't took it seriously because i am still confused at that time but still i did some efforts to learn how does blogging world works.There are times that i phone some of my friends and ask their advice on how to improve my blog and how does my blog be more interesting to my readers.Now i understand and i just can't help now doing blogging everyday because i have in my mind that it is like my online journal and it helps me to express my thoughts and feelings,sometimes it makes me feel happy when i visit and read some of my friends blog and without knowing that there are other ways of doing blogging such as earning too.And i heard about SocialSpark i register quickly and submit my blog hoping that they will give me a chance to prove them that i am a great mommy blogger.And guess what?They accepted my blog,it is just like heaven for me when i got their responds and yup!it gives me more courage to update everyday my blog.Now it is your turn too!Take this great opportunity not just writing your daily interest but also at the same time earn some money.Join us and be a great mommy blogger too.Me?I am happy because even though i still don't have a job but being a mommy blogger and earn some money too!Honestly today?I am not bored anymore that i am stay home mom because enjoy doing blogging and part of it i know that i have income and at the same time i have time with my son.

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