Great Vacation

Funny!Last night me and my husband just remembering our last vacation somewhere in USA.We went before in New York,Washington DC then from there we rented a car to go to Key west,Long Island,Miami and from Miami we took a cruise to go to Bahamas.Then just suddenly my husband told me that if we have a chance, perhaps we can spend at West Cornwall but of course we will check first the best Holiday Cottage Cornwall that has good accommodation .I told him it would be a perfect vacation because now we are three.We love to bring our son in the beach and have fun with each other last summer we had our short vacation somewhere in Normandy France and we really enjoyed there.We did sand castle then played the seawater.But hope next time it would be somewhere and have more fun and experience the most wonderful vacation.In this reason we will check carefully if we can have the perfect place which can give us all the comfort and best accommodation not only for us but also for our son.Yup!I know that most of us best accommodations is what were looking for to have a perfect vacations during holidays.