Hey! that's my bling gnome


I could say that i am like a child because until now i love playing games.Especially games that more on fantasy and adventures.Of course i am happy to know about MMORPG wanna know why?Well because they have this exciting realm of giant icky monster Dungeon Runners that i can download for free.It is very nice to explore with those richly detailed dungeon and fight the battle ferocious monster and at the same time to discover what would be my incredible weapons.

You might wondering what is Bling Gnome?It is some kind of game that help the players to run wild as they consume trinkets scattered or even dropped by other monsters players.And they can also produce magical object out of their magical bottoms.Actually the NS Soft was recently release their Dungeon Runner which usually known as Bling Gnome that has complete with pimp hat and huge bling-blings.Guess what?I have my own personal Bling Gnome too.See how does my Pokemon collection wear his bling bling customs.Cute right?I had my Pokemon at the moment when i arrived here Paris as what i said i love games and even collecting them is my fashion.
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