Visitng mammy et Pappy

Tomorrow we will be going to evreux for weekend visit to my inlaws.Perhaps also preparing for family summer vacation.We do it every year to spent time all together and stay to their family house not far from the sea.Good for my son to spend time with his cousins there and also to play the sea not to go swim i think,because for almost 7 years i never again taste the beach here wanna know why?It is because the sea water is damn so cold hahahhaha...I just remember that my son really love to swim so with out know that the water is that much cold he just jumped and then he's trembled and said grrrrrrr...hahhahah i knew that would be his expression so i just prepared all.I brought 2 towels and 2 pairs of clothes.Poor Virgile.


Mai said…
happy trip to you..

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