That's my Flirty look and smile

Do you know that when i'm interested to someone,I try to make it simple to catch his attention.First of all,I want to make sure that my hair will be perfect,Then i will wear my dress perfectly and have my flirty make up.To catch his attention i pretend to talk to my friend though my eyes is on him then if i notice that his look at me.I slowly turn my head towards to him and give my sweetest smile.And guess what?It really works!My other non verbal flirting was,I try to brush my hair using my fingers and straight my eyes on him to give my simple and make sure that it is the sweetest smile that he saw ever.Simple but very effective to guys,with that the Extreme Style by VO5 will help you on how to learn more flirting ways at the same time have your Victory Hair that couldn't imagine.And good news to all my readers,You can try the Ultimate Flirting Championship that will test your flirting ability.Here's how it goes!The contestant will be given 30 seconds to answer all the question with their own funny and sext way outflirt.Learn more flirting techniques that your surely apply when you want to catch attention to someone.To try the game just click the widget below.

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