First day of School

Today is my son's first day in school.It is like that me and husband are more stress and excited than my son.Well i woke him up around 7:30 enough time to change his clothes and to eat his breakfast.Then we went to the school together,he is in the middle section now.And when we went to his classroom he already know that we will leave him there so he don't want to enter to the classroom.But we try to convince him that school is important and we enter the room together and we stayed around 30 minutes with him but when we left he started to cry.At noon we picked him up then we ate our lunch together and since the baby sitter of my sister in law will arrive around 1:30 pm so it is me alone who bring my son back to school.Yup!again he cried at this time he cried while watching me leaving.The parents are not allowed to enter to the school so they just let the children enter the school gate then we will leave them play around.At afternoon pick up time.Still my husband not arrive so it is me again picked up son.Good thing is that i have my license and i have my own car so it is easier for to do all.We decide to let our son stay whole day to the school since he is enough old to make friends and it is good for him.

Yup!that is my son.Very behave while waiting his mother:-)


towr said…
marunung ba yan magtagalog?
Anonymous said…
oi kacute sa imong gamay na ulitaw jans. puhon duna nana gf ^-^