My inlaws are here

This weekend my parents arrive and stay here until tomorrow.I clean everything then i told my mother in law that i am sick and just lucky that she understand my situation so she let me take a rest and she took good care of my son this whole weekend,well of course i told her that i prefer not to take care of my son otherwise he will be sick too.I don't like that.My son and my husband are enjoyed painting outside then they played football and do bicycle.And me i slept the whole afternoon and now i feel okey.God i am thankful they arrive at the moment when i need them:-)


Mrs. Stevenson said…
Hi ate hope you feeling well. If not get well soon po!. Thanks for visit again! I got a tag for you. please check it out. Good day po!
Maya said…
Nice to hear that you are well now.Sorry it took me awhile to visit you.

We really have some luck when we need them, it maybe god doing to ease up thing for us.
Gina lee said…
You're lucky. Get well soon.