Simple celebration

Last Friday is my husband's birthday.We had a simple celebration,we ate at our favorite Japanese restaurant normally i prepared Chicken curry but since i don't have time to finish it we decided to eat outside.Normally i am planning to buy a cake for him but since it is raining and i didn't had a time to went to the bakery to buy one,so i decided to made one but it is not really a cake since when i check my stock i am lack of ingredients.I bake normally it is **palmier**It is a kind of small and simple cake but i decide to create a design instead form with leaves,I form it with small hearts.My husband laugh when he saw it!He said,Wow!!Lots of love you've got there!And guess what!?It is my son who blow first the candle and before he blow he sing first**Happy birthday papa!!

We hold our little boy first otherwise he will blow the candle and we can't take picture!