Still care

Sometimes i have difficulties to deal with my mother in law because i feel that most of the time she always watching me.She critics mostly if she don't like it or she compare her son to her husband(my husband) that i am such a lucky wife having a guy like her son.On the other hand,about her husband mostly i heard that she is already tired or what so ever.There are times that when they went to our house,even it is clean I've never heard any appreciation that our house is clean but if it is mess which is also a fault of her son that love to make mess.I heard that she never see the house is clean or arrange blah blah!!Sometimes i felt that i had enough but i still respect her because she's like a mother to me.Sometimes to avoid any critics i just went to our bedroom straight away otherwise i will erupt like a volcano and she will regret it.But despite of this i still care about her,in fact just now i bought an electric grill for her as a gift because each time when i used our electric grill she always said that she really love it.So now i had a chance to buy one for her,it would be her Christmas gift.


CLC Fashion said…
hi jan! musta na diha?

sagdahi na lang na imo belle-mere, paki nya kon clean or not imo balay, imoha bitaw na dili iya haha! swerte sya ky gitagaan gihapon nimog gift :-)

cute sa imo bugoy, sa moyenne section na sya so wholeday na?
ayo-ayo diha!